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Podortho Nursing

Specializing in Foot and Lower Limb Health Care


Northern Feet - Health Clinic is owed and operated by Podortho® Nurse, Cindy Lynn Baillargeon, RPN, PodN. Podortho Nurses are Regulated Health Care Providers (RHCP) that specialize in foot and lower limb health care. 

Northern Feet delivers quality Foot and Lower Limb Medical Care with a holistic healing approach. Medical Foot Care begins with a complete lower limb and foot assessment that encompasses overall health and health-related concerns. Podortho Nurses support and facilitate patient education to help bring awareness of the relation between foot health, general health and overall well-being. Prevention is an ideal opportunity for optimizing health quality of life!

Northern Feet - Health Clinic serves South River and surrounding area in a private clinic setting.  We are not a walk-in clinic, rather by appointment only. See our Contact information to schedule an appointment.

In addition to Advanced Medical Foot Care, Podortho Nurses fit clients for Medical Compression Hosiery or Custom-made Medical Orthotics. Our Medical Compression Stockings and Orthotics are ordered on a customer-need bases. 

We also carry various Wound Care supplies, Skin Care products, and Medical Assistive Devices. We can also order supplies as needed.

To learn more about Northern Feet – Health Clinic, see the About Us section and explore Treatments to learn more about what we offer.

We partner with other Health Care Providers to ensure client's overall healthcare needs are looked after. If necessary, your Podortho Nurse can refer you to additional medical services or Health Care Providers.

Foot care treatments and other services might be covered through Extended Healthcare Benefits, Veterans Affairs Canada, or WSIB


Years of wear and tear can be hard on your feet. 

Foot problems are often the first sign of more serious medical complications, such as; cardiovascular disease, circulatory disorders, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, etc. Improperly trimmed toenails and poorly fitted footwear are also hard on your feet. 

Podortho nurses assess your feet and lower limbs, then develop a Client Care Plan to target specific foot health needs.


The Foundation of Good Health Begins at Your Feet

We depend on our feet daily for balance and mobility. 

Almost everyone could benefit from medical foot and lower limb care. 

Ongoing foot care maintenance is important for people living with diabetes, poor circulation, poor eyesight, stroke, dementia, joint health complications, foot pain or other health conditions that prevent people from the ability to safely care for their own feet. 

People that spend several hours on their feet could benefit from various Foot Care treatments and improve their foot health quality of life. 

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