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Podortho Nurse Foot Specialist

"Specializing in Foot and Lower Limb Healthcare"

Patient Treatment Plans

Foot and Lower Limb Care

Professional Medical Foot Care begins with a thorough Nursing Assessment of the client's feet and lower limbs, including a visual inspection, biomechanical exam, and client health history. 

Diabetic Foot Assessment includes a the above with screening for Diabetic Neuropathy and, if needed, a wound assessment.

Medical Foot and lower limb care is individually client specific. Treatments can include callus reduction, corn removal, ingrown toenails, thicken or hard to cut nails, split nails, fissure heels, and managing plantar warts, toenail fungal, various skin conditions. We use a dust-deducting electric rotary tool to effectively treat many conditions listed above. 

Northern Feet also uses Conservative Sharp Debridement, when necessary, to remove devitalized tissues (Eg; wound, callus, warts, etc). We remove sutures, staples, and treat/heal various wounds.

We understand the painful consequences of an Ingrown Toenails or Involuted Nail Plate. A Nail Bracing technique is a corrective application to manipulate the structure of the nail plate, in which to reduce pain and discomfort, and prevent ingrown toenails, tissue trauma or infection.

Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)

ABPI tests are conducted to determine any impairment of arterial blood flow to the lower extremities. 

Early detection and treatment can reduce health complications related to Peripheral Vascular Disease. Your Family Physician will be updated. 

Compression Therapy

Medical Compression Therapy effectively improves circulation, aids in wound healing, relieves aching legs and prevents lower limb health complications. It is a simple and efficient method of restoring adequate blood flow to lower limbs. 

Your Podortho Nurse is certified to fit you with the most appropriate Medical Compression Garments. We customize your order to suit your need. Garments are available with various compression ratings, forms (socks, calf, stockings, hosiers, sleeves) and textures.

Graduated compression garments are made with medically approved fabrics that act as a layer of muscle which aids in a proper functioning venous system.

Medical Compression Wraps

Compression is the cornerstone of therapy for treating venous ulcers. This treatment modality is reported to improve the rate of ulcer healing and reduce the incidence of recurrence.  Wound care is generally incorporated in this service. We can order supplies or clients can bring their own.

Patient do not always require a prescription for low grade Medical Compression Therapy unless required for private insurance. Your PodN can often accept an MD order via phone/fax.

Health Care Providers often prescribe Medical Compression Hosiery or Wraps based on a patient’s pathology and tolerance to Medical Compression. 

 Your Podortho Nurse will correspond any health-related concerns with your Physician. 

Custom Orthotics 

Properly made Medical Orthotics are custom molded to fit each unique foot and built to support specific foot requirements. Custom-made Orthotic Insoles and Footwear help bring your spine into a natural alignment. They can also gently correcting foot abnormalities, and reduce pain or foot fatigue. 

Custom Orthotics are prescribed to help support balance and mobility and improve overall health quality of life. They are custom designed to suite individual health needs so patients can confidently enjoy daily activities. 

Certified Custom Orthotic Therapy

Our recommendations are derived from a thorough Nursing Assessment of the feet and lower limbs. We then assess feet biomechanics and take a Bio-Foam Impression. Our findings are sent to our Orthotic lab where skilled laboratory technicians take special care in fabricating each pair.

They come with a generous warranty, which is offered through our supplier. Many private health insurance plans cover Medical Orthotics. 

Wearing Medical-grade Orthotics with properly fitted footwear can prevent or support healing of foot and lower limb health complications.

Your Podortho Nurse can converse your needs with your Family Physician.

Patients how have more complex healthcare needs are referred to our advanced skilled Orthotic fitters. 

Independent Practices

As a Regulated Health Care Professional it is the responsibility of the nurse to follow Practice Standards and Guidelines outlined by our governing nursing body, the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Practicing nurses must hold a valid Nursing License and Practice Insurance. 

Our commitment to best practices is exemplified through continuous learning and routine participation in the CNO Quality Assurance program. Practicing

ethical standards and Patient Confidentiality honours our patients.

Podortho Nurses belong to practicing organization called the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association. OPNA offers support in practice through our partners and continued educational opportunities within our specialized area of Nursing.   

Safety First!

Urgent needs are priority. Certain foot conditions can bring great discomfort and hinder daily activities. Urgent appointments can be arranged.

Northern Feet Health Clinic uses enzymatic solutions, high level disinfectants and autoclave sterilization processes to thoroughly clean and sterilize Podortho tools. We take are using additional precautionary measures during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Patients are screened in accordance to public health policies and government regulations. To ensure safe practices, treatments are carried out as recommended by the CNO, and the RNAO guidelines, specific to the foot and lower limb healthcare.

We also have a strict cleaning and disinfectant protocols. 

Your Podortho will respectfully wear appropriate PPE. We ask clients to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

Your Next Step

Foot care maintenance can prevent many serious foot complications. 

Patients report foot comfort following their first visit and significant improvements with routine foot and lower limb care. 

Your Podortho Nurse will educate you and give recommendations, for proper care of your feet between visits, to keep them feeling more comfortable. Patient progress is monitored, and Care Plans routinely evaluated.

Recommended follow up visits are generally every 4 - 8 weeks, but this does vary depending on Treatment Care Plans

To maximize your Healthcare needs, your Podortho Nurse can update your Medical Doctor, make suggestions for additional healthcare needs or referrals

Your consent to converse your medical information with other Health Care Providers would be required.  


Foot Fact

  Feet take us everywhere we need to go. We use then for running, walking, climbing, dancing, playing, and jumping. And yet, most people know very little about what goes on inside the foot. Feet are often taken for granted; that is, until something goes wrong with them. 

Erin King - Feet For Life Podortho Nursing

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