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What to Expect at Northern Feet

Learn about Podortho Nursing 

Podortho Nurses follow the same Nursing Standards and Guidelines set forth by our governing nursing body, the College of Nurses of Ontario. Podortho Nurses are also required to adhere to Podortho Nurses Core Competencies as set forth by the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association.

What to Expect

Patients are greeted in a friendly relaxing environment. The clinic currently only accepts one client at a time. We set high standards in terms of cleanliness and following government recommendations. Protocols are in place to protect the public.

Professional Foot and Lower Limb Care 

We begin with a Client Health History, a thorough Foot and Lower Limb Assessment, a visual inspection and biomechanical examination. Professional Foot and Lower Limb Care is delivered using a medical-grade vacuum-system rotary tool, and sterilized rotary burrs, nippers, and instruments.

Your Podortho Nurse Foot Specialist is trained in Advanced Diabetic Foot Care and in treating various wounds and foot health related problems. Treatments also are available for callus reduction, cracked heels and fissures, ingrown toenails, involuted nails, thickened or hard to cut nails, fungal nails and so much more.

Holistic Practices

Holistic nursing encompasses the client’s entire well being. Mental health goes hand and hand with our physical health. Northern Feet offers patient education and complimentary reflexology techniques with every visit. Nail polish applications are available upon request.

We do Nail Bracing for aesthetic and medical reasons.

Podortho Nurses are certified to fit clients for Medical Compression Hosiery and Custom-made Medical Orthotic Insoles. We even help clients select appropriate footwear.

Who are Podortho Nurses

OPNA Podortho Nurse’s Practice Statement

Podortho® Nurse’s are Registered Nurses (Registered Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner(s) who are Regulated Health Care Providers that specialize in the field of Advanced Medical Foot and Lower Limb Care. The primary objective of a Podortho® Nurse is to optimize foot and lower limb health, improve client mobility and overall health related quality of life. This is achieved by performing lower leg and foot assessments, which has been known to detect early signs of life-threatening diseases or disabling conditions. In conjunction, Podortho® Nurses use the nursing process to diagnose, develop and implement a plan of care, then evaluate patient outcomes, while working as part of an interdisciplinary health care team or independently to provide quality client care.


Podortho Nurse’s Mandate

The Ontario Association of Podortho Nurses mandate Is to support members by promoting the role of the Podortho® Nurse in career objectives to work in an interdisciplinary health care setting or independent practice.

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